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Hey there! Our website is currently getting updated, so all features may not be available. However, feel free to have a look around for a general overview, and you can contact us through email or Instagram if needed!

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Finsnap™ is a one stop shop for 
personal finance and digital tips for girls 
to become financially mindful and digitally smart

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What can Finsnap do for you?

For modern teenagers, sources of information are tremendous, options are plenty and confusion is paramount. With so many avenues available, one tends to overlook the basics and our priorities become ease over quality. 

Finsnap is an effort to demystify finance and make it fun while spreading financial awareness among teenage girls, along with a digital guide to keep them engaged and optimize expenses.  

Finsnap has four broad sections: 

  1. Basics of personal finance - a series of explanations : FINSNAP SERIES

  2. Mantras and Glossary of personal finance principles/terms : FIN FUNDAS

  3. Curated digital guide for all common expenses like phone, shopping, music etc: DIGITAL HARBOUR

  4. Deep dive into Finance : FINSNAPPER WORLD

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